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Heany Park Primary School student and ozED member, Emily Williams competed as part of the school team which won through to the Victorian State Schools Football (Australian Rules) Girls finals.

During the finals Heany Park won the first match allowing the opposition to score only one (1) behind for the whole match.  Going into the second match, the school only needed to win to secure the State Championship title. 

The second game saw Heany Park totally outclass their opposition who did not score.  This has earned Heany Park Primary School the State Champion title.

Emily was instrumental in the schools win.  Emily has also been selected to play with the Melbourne (AFL) Football Club Under 12 girls academy and will be playing against the North Melbourne Football Club girls later in September 2012.

Emily is affected by ED, yet she has not let this hinder her aspirations for Footy.


Well Done Emily!

ED Member part of the State School Girls Champion Team

Date: 29/08/2012