ozED - Australian Ectodermal Dysplasia Support Group Inc

ozED - No Sweat

Executive Committee

Our organisation is 100% volunteer run.  Most of our volunteers work and provide this service to our community.  All of our committee have experience of a child or children affected by ED.  Without our dedicated volunteers our organisation would not exist.

Jenny Boss - National President

Living in Brisbane, Queensland, Jenny has seen ozED grow into a truly amazing organisation

E-mail: info@ozed.org.au

Andrew Williams—National Vice President

Living in Melbourne, Victoria, Andrew has been involved with ozED since its formation

Victoria McCulloch - National Treasurer

Living in the Gold Coast area, Victoria has seen the organisation become significantly self sufficient with fundraising.

Leanne Lewis - National Secretary

Living in Perth, Western Australia, Leanne has been actively involved as a founding member of ozED.

Natalie Williams - Public Officer

Living in Melbourne, Victoria, Natalie has been the Public Officer of ozED since its incorporation in 2004

E-mail: andrew.williams@ozed.org.au

E-mail: treasurer@ozed.org.au

E-mail: TBA

E-mail: nat.williams@ozed.org.au